Abacist Group is a Dallas, Texas based management consulting firm dedicated to providing services to our clients that result in higher performance and sustainable growth.



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Our clients realize that a strong foundation in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Financial Planning & Analysis provides them with a competitive advantage. However, most companies lack the fully-realized triple-play of possessing the right tools, processes and people.

Abacist Group helps clients rapidly gain CPM acuity through building and implementing CPM tools, optimizing Corporate Planning & Analysis business process, and ensuring that the client's human talent possesses the right skills & knowledge to execute their CPM vision. If a client lacks the capacity to realize their vision fully using internal talent, Abacist Group has deep CPM operating experience to help augment the client's efforts with Interim and Fractional Staff as well.

As your organization's trusted partner, we provide practical solutions for the variety of challenges encountered in business today. We do not limit our offerings to a single process, service, technology, departmental function, or industry. Instead, we offer a dynamic suite of financial and transformational services, ranging in scope, which enables us to best meet the needs of your organization.

Our pledge is to build a lasting relationship with your organization, understand the full context around your existing needs, and remain flexible in our approach to providing a solution. The result: an attainable solution that exceeds your expectations and leads to higher performance and sustainable growth.





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Abacist Group has provided a variety of services to top organizations across a breadth of industries.

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