CPM Software Implementation & Services

Abacist Group has helped scores of clients leverage a variety of Corporate Performance Management software solutions. We are a proud partner of the leading cloud based solution Workday Adaptive Planning.


Adaptive Planning has recognized Abacist Group three times with its "Top Partner" of the year award.

Benefits of Planning Software:

  • Automates planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting 

  • Simplifies the existing pervasive use of spreadsheets 

  • Reduces planning, budgeting and forecasting cycle times 

  • Provides controls around the standardization of the planning process 

  • Improves accuracy 

  • Automates the consolidation of planning entities 

  • Enables what-if analysis with immediate feedback

  • Accelerates variance analysis and gap closure 

Corporate Performance Management Software Solutions

Workday Adaptive Planning

Abacist Group has completed more than 500 Workday Adaptive Planning Consulting projects.

Abacist Group is a proud 3 time winner of annual Adaptive's Top Partner Award

Certified Adaptive Planning Implementer & Reseller

Workday Adaptive Planning

  • Workforce Management

  • Revenue Management

  • Profitability Analysis

  • Financial Close

  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

  • Capital Management

  • Expense Management

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Custom Design and Implementation of CPM Software Products

Leveraging a variety of technologies, Abacist Group has helped clients build robust, flexible tools to enhance the Corporate Performance Managment processes.


Model Design and Structure:

  • Corporate Financial Planning 

    • Income Statement 

    • Balance Sheet 

    • Cash Flow 

  • Product and Service Profitability 

  • Sales and Pricing Analytics 

  • Allocation of Expenses 

  • Cost Center Forecasting 

  • Project Planning & Forecasting 

  • Personnel/Workforce Planning 

  • Capital and Asset Planning 



  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement 

  • Alternate Views by various dimensions 

  • Excel-based Reports 

  • Workforce/Personnel, Capital, Sales and Expense 


Training, Education and Documentation:

  • Training Sessions and Guides for Administrative Users 

  • Training Sessions and Guides for End Users 

Post-Implementation Updates and Enhancements

  • Changes to Model to Match Recent Changes in Operational, Finance, or Accounting Practices  

  • Outsourced Model Management 

  • Incorporate CPM Best Practices