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🚀 EXTRA! EXTRA! Workday Adaptive Planning 2024 Release 1 is on the street!

2024 R1 is packed and stacked with new features designed for efficiency and insight. 📊

✅ Scope Calculations on Sheets - Optimize sheet performance with adjustable calculation periods. Fewer cells to calculate mean speedier sheets!

✅ Personal What-If Scenarios - Experiment with data changes in isolated scenarios without disrupting your plan. Plus, analyze changes with enhanced reporting tools.

✅ Code Fields for Metadata - Enjoy flexible code fields across the model for easy customization and better organization.

✅ Machine Learning Predictive Forecaster - Leverage ML to generate accurate forecasts using historical data, providing a solid foundation for your financial planning.

✅ View By Dimension for OfficeConnect for Financial Management - Delve deeper into your financial reports and create new insights without disrupting existing data.

✅ Headcount Plan Data Source - New reporting sources for comprehensive headcount plan analysis to keep you ahead in workforce planning.

✅ Plan Publishing Performance & UX Enhancement - Enhanced publishing experience, faster and more intuitive.

✅ Report Scheduling - Automated scheduling for live and snapshot matrix reports means you’ll never miss sharing important insights again.

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