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Optimize your Bottom Line with Workforce Planning

Many thanks to all who joined the Abacist Group Virtual Roundtable last week! We were fortunate to have a terrific group of Finance Leaders from outstanding companies from across the U.S. and across industries to share insights and perspectives about Workforce Planning challenges.


🔹 Best Practices for System/Tool Integration across HR Planning Solutions

🔹 Nailing Top Down and Bottom-up parallel planning

🔹 Two-Sided Modeling (Direct Labor and SG&A)

🔹 Workday Adaptive Planning - Real Time Scenario Dynamic Planning & Comparison

🔹 Rapid Variance Tracking & Analysis

🔹 Successful methods to achieving Sr Leadership, HR and Functional alignment

We are excited to bring you future Abacist Group live and virtual events on the topics that matter most to FP&A Leaders! Thanks again to our exceptional roundtable attendees!

Ready to get started today? Book a time to start Optimizing your Bottom Line through effective Workforce Planning now!

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